Zest helps you manage and automate
your LimeSurvey Surveys.

Stop remembering when to send invites, reminders or reports
and focus on what matters: your surveys

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Supercharge Limesurvey

Zest is a platform that works on top of your LimeSurvey installation and automates many time consuming tasks that before needed to be done by hand. Automatic invites and reminder? Check. Overview mails of all your surveys? We got that. Beautiful PDF reports? No problem. We also check if your server is up, help you manage your respondents, trigger certain webhooks for you, back up your data, and more. It is the perfect companion for anyone working with LimeSurvey.


Task Management

Zest keeps track of when your invites and reminders are due and automatically sends them for you.

Server Health

Zest will periodically check if your Limesurvey installation is up and running and warns you when something is wrong.


You or your clients can get notified of certain events. A set amount of responses revieved? You’ll know it immediately.


Create beautiful PDF reports on the fly or have them delivered automatically.


Simplify your respondents management. Simply paste e-mail addresses to add them


Work together on surveys, or keep track of all the surveys your team has currently running.

Secure client pages

Share links with your clients to their personal dashboards and let them keep an eye on their projects at any time.

E-mail templates

Create responsive invite, reminder and confirmation emails with ease! Just add your own text and you're done.

Limesurvey plugins

Use our open source webhook, backup and anonymizer plugins. They work perfectly with Zest, but feel free to use them however you want!

About Zest

The tool